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European Travel

The True Cost of a Croatian Sailing Charter

If you've been following the blog, you know we just got back from an amazing 10 days in Croatia where we chartered a 42' catamaran for a week. As we were researching the trip we were shocked at how little information existed on what to expect and how much things cost. We also came across terms in the yachting agreement that we didn't fully understand.
European Travel

How to book a Croatian Sailing Charter

When we decided we wanted to do a sailing trip to Croatia, we started Googling. We quickly learned that there is no "Expedia for boat charters". It was hard for us to understand the various players involved and how that factored into the price/process. So to start, we'll walk through who is generally involved in booking a sailing charter.
Life as an Expat

New Country, New Finances: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to the UK

Moving to a new country resets everything in the world of finance. For the average person, this makes it harder to do everything from finding a place to live to getting a gym membership, and—of course—a bank account.

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