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Top 10 Dog-friendly Things to See and Do in Yorkshire

Before moving to London last year, I knew very little about Yorkshire. All I knew was that it is famous for its pudding (not really a pudding, but that's another discussion), terriers, and tea. Despite my initial lack of knowledge, I knew I wanted to visit this historic and beautiful region in northern England and it did not disappoint.
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A Dog-Friendly Isle of Wight Caf├ę with Gluten-Free Fish and Chips

Restaurants on the island are very familiar with gluten-free options plus, as a bonus, many are also dog-friendly!
Dog-friendly Travel

Isle of Wight Overnight: Our Itinerary

A few weeks ago my cousin was visiting. We were looking for an adventure to take us out of London. With rain predicted along with strong winds, the weather wasn't cooperating for a quick trip to Scotland - our original plan. We had heard about the Isle of Wight before, so we thought why not give it a shot.
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The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary is the Perfect Activity for People and Dogs Alike

This is truly a wonderful free and uplifting activity for people and dogs of all ages!
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The Isle of Wight: Getting there from London with our Dog

Our 30-ish hours on the IOW were really memorable and totally worth the bit of travel it takes to get there from London. More details from our trip to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, make sure to follow our Youtube channel to catch David's videos about our latest adventures!
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Dog-Friendly Day Trips from London: Dover

With its beautiful natural features and important historic status, this seaside city is the perfect destination for a dog-friendly day trip from London!
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Day Trips from London: Stonehenge

When we found out that Stonehenge was on Toni and Sarah's list, we were really excited to finally visit this ancient and mysterious site.
Dog-friendly Travel

Dog-Friendly Day Trips from London: Canterbury

Our desire to see all corners of Britain combined with sometimes tight weekend schedules means that day trips are often a great choice for us. When we throw our adventure-loving pooch into the mix, things get a little complicatedÔÇöbut also a lot more fun.

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