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Our Next Big Adventure: A Dog Friendly, 6,000km Road Trip Around France

Starting next weekend, we'll set off on our next big adventure: a dog-friendly, gluten-free, and socially distanced road trip around France! Join us the journey as we work remotely around France.
North America Travel

Northern Michigan Scenery: Soup for the Soul

A relaxing series of drone shots taken above Lake Huron in the northern part of Michigan's lower peninsula.
North America Travel

10 Things to Bring on a River Float + Au Sable & Russian River Entry Points

After many floats there are a few things we've learned to bring... Some will be obvious, others are a less so but all of them will make sure you have a great time on the water!
Adventure Travel

Diving Cozumel: Excursion from Playa Del Carmen

Our second day of diving with Pro Dive we decided to go diving in Cozumel. I had heard from my uncle and cousin (both avid divers) that it was some of the best diving they had ever done, so we had to try it.
Gluten-Free Living

The Restaurants of The Royal Hideaway in Playacar Mexico

The Royal Hideaway is a small resort (it can host a maximum of 500 or 600 people) that focuses on quality dining experiences. In fact, you’ll only find one buffet here with small portions. For lunch and dinner, the focus is on a la carte menus. There are six restaurants to choose from and in this post, we’ll talk about them all.
Adventure Travel

Diving Cenotes in Tulum Mexico

Diving in the Cenotes were such a unique experience. I’ve never done anything like it before. The team at ProDive ensured everyone felt safe and comfortable throughout the process.
Adventure Travel

Scuba Diving in Playacar with Pro Dive International

Over the Christmas New Years we decided we wanted some time to relax, recharge, and thaw out from the first half of the London winter and some time in Michigan visiting family, so we headed to Mexico!
European Travel

Video: Our Bank Holiday in the Loire Valley

If you've been following along with the blog you'll know that we recently visited the Loire Valley in France. This was a special trip for us as it's where Meghan spent about nine months studying abroad during her time at Michigan State. We put together a video of our four days which you can find below featuring some of my favorite drone shots to date.

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