Over the Summer we escaped the UK to spend 3 weeks working from Michigan and catching up with our family. It was an incredibly welcome change of pace and it was the first time we had been around other humans since March - something we really missed.

There is something truly special about Northern Michigan (let's define that as anything North of Gaylord) that is good for the soul. The cold crystal clear water of the Great Lakes has a uniquely therapeutic effect at a time when so much of our world is in turmoil. The lighthouses dotting the coastline stand proudly, diligently carrying out their duty of ensuring mariners avoid the danger that serves as the lighthouses foundation. Even as their service has been rendered antiquated by satellites and screens, they bring a sense of calm and security to those who see them up close and drink in their history. Oh the stories they could tell.



It was good to be back. Hopefully soon, we'll make it over the bridge and back to God's country.

Aug 1, 2020
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